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  • Christmas party-Euro class - Décembre 2019

    Students in Seconde and Première Euro class organized their own Christmas party.

  • Christmas party - Euro class - Décembre 2018

    This week, students in Euro class organized their own Christmas party and cooked themselves pancakes with that recipe. They had studied the recipe in English, that means vocabulary : ingredients, kitchen tools, servings. And they realized that on American recipes, the ingredients are not weighted but their volumes are measured in cups, tablespoons and teaspoons.
    No idea for your Chritsmas breakfast ? You can find the entire recipe here.
    Read carefully the advices so that your pancakes are (...)

  • Sortie au Havre - Terminale STMG - 22/02/18 - Avril 2018

    Projet CLAP : Sortie au Havre des TSTMG